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This Nigel Wood and What qualifies me to operate as a Fitness and Nutrition Coach and what exactly you’ll get from me when you become a client of mine 

Firstly I have all the relevant education with a degree in sport science and personal training certification with a proven evidence based scientific approach to what I do  

I am a former physical training instructor with experience of preparing soldiers for tours of duty. I also worked with injured and deconditioned personnel struggling with their own fitness and health challenges

In total I have Over 15 years experience as a personal trainer transforming 1000’s of people’s lives both and in outside of the military

What you get from me is the truth about how to target long lasting stubborn body fat and sustainable weight loss

I question what you currently doing and why its not working and what you need to do to change NOW

I will provide you a simple 3 step solution to tackle long lasting stubborn body fat and sustainable weight loss hardwiring powerful new habits making what I do more effective 

Ask yourself would you like a solution to long lasting stubborn body fat and sustainable weight loss ?

If you do, then message me

The change starts with accepting the reality of where you are now and then doing the deeper work on you as an individual to achieve the physical and emotional goals you desire.

I’m here to help

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My Clients Vision

The vision I have for my clients is to create the right mindset to achieve their fitness and nutrition goals. Teaching them how to them to HARDWIRE powerful habits that provide a SUSTAINABLE solution to physical and emotional health

I want to Educate you on the powerful habit changes related to nutrition and training to eliminate the guess work . Giving you the proven methods of nutrition and training so what you do is efficient and effective alongside a busy lifestyle.

Allowing you Leverage opportunities consistently growing and moving forward using exercise to leverage your personal development, business development and personal relationships. You learn that what you do in the gym affects how you show up at your work place or in businesses optimising productivity, energy and drive. Also creating deeper and powerful relations with loved ones. As a result you will gain the confidence to take on challenges you never thought were possible


“I was 18 stone, unhappy, had no energy, terrible eating habits and hated exercise. So I decided it was time to change. I started to exercise slowly but it was only when I started working with Nigel that I really changed both my mindset, my weight, my eating patterns and my general mental and physical health.Just WOW!!He taught me so much!! Nigel really knows how to motivate and educate. Im at 13 and a bit now but my health is amazing! If you need to make big changes to your wellbeing Nigel has the key to unlock your new life!! “Kathryn Bell

“Nige is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate personal trainers I have trained with or come across , his expertise in weight loss programmes, fitness training and tailoring sessions to meet the needs of the individual have impressed me the most and are the qualities that have made him the kind of caring trainer you need guiding you on your health plan journey.I would recommend Nigel to anyone looking for support to help them achieve their health goals and have no doubt you will be as pleased as I am with the results.“Shay Beaglehole

“Finding a trainer that was down to earth and respectful was really important. Nigel put me at ease and made me feel welcome. Nigel helped me outline specific goals and guided me toward them with encouragement and support.My fitness improved and my body shape changed — but more importantly, I noticed a huge change in how I feel about myself.Nigel is a dedicated, professional with a sense of humour and an undetermined ability to make you do more when you think you’ve reached your absolute limit. I’m so happy I took the step to make enquiries.“Cheryl Kitchen

“I have worked with Nigel For close to 2 years now. I have lost nearly 60 lbs in weight and reversed my Type 2 Diabetes and gained so much fitness its remarkable. As I approach 70 I am fitter than ever and I will not be slowing. I owe a lot to Nigel Wood.“Sue Bell

“Having worked with Nigel post pregnancy I have lost 29 lbs and have gained my pre-pregnancy Body shape back. I feel more confident and have my energy back. I love Intermttent Fasting and how flexible it is for my lifestyle.“Claire Howarth